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 GM application | Kaizen

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PostSubject: GM application | Kaizen   Sat Dec 14, 2013 2:22 am

In-Game Name: Kaizen

Key: Evil_Sharingan

What level (1(Trial Enforcer)-5(High Council)): I leave this question at its option

What can you offer: Well, now I can take care of two points of development that are icons and maps. With the passage of time I have improved my skills, but to be honest I've been doing longer maps. Maybe I can get into the issue of modification forums but I'm not associated with this.

Past experience (Not necessary - will not affect your app if you do not have any): With the passage of time, I could take care of moderate and games about Dragon Ball. I have also come to create games with my group, my past experiences were: Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of the Gods, Dragon Ball Z: Deadly Alliance, Dragon Ball GT: Infinite Realms and Dragon Ball Generations.

Personality: I'm still a teenager, I'm 15 years old, but not play with my charges. In every moment there is time for fun and others to take responsibility and seriousness in office. To be honest, I'm very friendly with trusted people, take advice and do not take lightly to people in their problems. But everyone thinks differently and have other views to moderate a game or be in charge of it.

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GM application | Kaizen
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